About Us

Leicester Car Sharing Club was founded in Leicester in 1976, going by the name of ‘Rusty’ until 2018.

We have over 20 members spread across much of Leicester, with the tasks associated with running the car club shared out amongst the membership. The club is run on an entirely voluntary basis by its members – we have no paid staff and no premises.

Members meet every six weeks to manage the on-going business of the car club – things like managing bookings, keeping track of finances and keeping our vehicles in good working order.

We have a broad membership, including young people, families and retired adults, with a wide range of vehicles to cater for all needs. Our vehicles are used for work, holidays, day-to-day trips and much more.

The way we work is suited to a small membership (no more people than you can fit in a living room for a meeting!), so we are always keen to offer help to other people or groups who are interested in setting up a car pool using a similar model – just get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

Our Core Values

Leicester Car Sharing Club is more than just a practical transport solution – through our actions and our decision making, we seek to put into practice our shared core values:

Co-operation • Responsibility • Commitment • Environmental responsibility • Access to transport • Non-profit • Inspiring and supporting other co-operative car groups • Mutual respect of differences • Social organisation

We apply these values in very practical ways. For example, by being flexible with our arrangements to help fellow members access vehicles, or by volunteering for tasks to help manage and run the car club.