If you have read the guidance on how the car club works and think car sharing could work for you, then contact our Members Co-ordinator using the details on the Contact page of the website.

We aim to start with an informal discussion to see if your needs fit well with what the car club can offer you. This could be done as:

  • A discussion with the Members Co-ordinator
  • A meeting with our New Members sub-group, where we aim to meet several potential new members at once

Then if you wish to join, you are invited to our next car club meeting. This offers a chance to learn how the car club works, for members to meet you and vice versa. If you would like to join, then existing members make a decision at that meeting on whether you become a member of the group. You should bring your driving license to the group meeting so members can check it. If you join, we will also check your license details online using a DVLA code.

New members are accepted on an initial probationary period. This lasts until they have attended at least four group meetings (not counting the meeting where you join), making the period at least six months. We have this rule so that we all know each other as a group.

After joining, a member of our admin group will share with you the details you need to take part in the car club: how to book a vehicle, how to make payments, how to join our email list, etc.

See ‘How it Works‘ for joining and monthly membership fees and mileage rates.

Probationary members are not expected to take on any responsibilities associated with running the club.

Click here for Word document of the information on how the car club works (last updated Jan 2021)