Why Join?

Why join a car club?

Car sharing is a practical solution for many people. Some of the benefits of membership include:

  • Reducing the cost of owning a car (insurance, tax, etc.)
    • Instead of paying to run a car, our members just pay an initial joining fee, a monthly access fee and are then billed according to the number of miles driven.
  • Reducing your environmental impact
    • The minor inconvenience of booking a car, rather than having one on your doorstep, helps members to only travel by car when necessary, and to make more use of walking, cycling and public transport.
  • Joining a welcoming co-operative community
    • Car club members are a friendly bunch, dedicated to co-operation. Our regular meetings and annual socials provide a chance to get to know other members.
  • Access to a car when you only need one rarely
    • Membership means that if you only need to drive rarely, for one-off trips or to move bulky objects, you can access a vehicle for your trip without paying a large fee to a car hire company.
  • Access to a range of vehicles
    • We maintain a range of practical vehicles to cover our members’ needs, including smaller cars for short trips around town and cars with many seats or lots of storage space.