How it works

The car club has four cars based in different locations across Leicester – see the Our Vehicles page for the latest information on this.

Booking Vehicles

We use an online calendar system to manage our bookings. After making your booking, you arrange where and when to pick it up and drop it off with either the keeper of the vehicle, or whoever is using it before/after you.


Members pay a one-off £20 joining fee, a £7.50 monthly subscription per household (i.e. £90 a year) and a mileage rate when we use the vehicles (54p per mile “local” rate; 40p per mile “long” rate – see below). These fees are designed to pay for everything – insurance, tax, petrol, repairs, breakdown cover and replacement vehicles. (Fees as of June 2022.)

The mileage rates vary according to whether a journey is local (usually meaning urban trips) or long distance. Local trips are charged at a higher rate to take into account the lower fuel efficiency of urban driving.

Trips in an urban area (e.g. around Leicester) are all charged at the local rate. For longer trips, the first ten miles are charged at the local rate, and then subsequent miles are charged at the long rate.

For example, you drive 100 miles to Manchester and 100 miles back without any miles in between. The first 10 miles of each of your journeys is at the local rate and the rest is at the long distance rate, so overall you pay 180 low-rate miles and 20 high-rate miles

The rates we charge include a “Usage” component, designed to cover the costs of running the car club (insurance, vehicle replacement, etc.), and the remainder is to cover the cost of fuel. The fuel cost component varies depending on the current price of fuel. Charges are subject to change, by agreement of members.

Making Payments

Every month, the Keeper of each vehicle provides the Treasurer with the mileage figures for the vehicle for the month. The Treasurer then provides all members with details of what they owe. Payment is usually via online transfer, but we are flexible about mode of payment as needed.

What about insurance and breakdown cover?

Only car club members are insured to drive the vehicles. Our policy covers all vehicles in our fleet. The car club is a member of ETA (the Environmental Transport Association) which provides breakdown cover. Details of how to call for help are in each vehicle.

Meetings, Roles and Responsibilities

We meet on weekday evenings (not Fridays) every six weeks, rotating the meetings amongst members who can accommodate (up to 20…but usually about a dozen!) people at their home. All tasks needed to run the car club are shared between members.

Members should attend a minimum of one meeting in every three. After joining, new members are required to attend four meetings to complete their probationary period. This is to ensure that our members know each other – the car club is founded upon mutual trust and co-operation, so attending meetings is important!

Several sub-groups of members organise all aspects of running the club. These include:

  • Budget and Finance
  • Administration
  • New Members
  • Strategy
  • Vehicle Purchasing (ad hoc, when needed)

Sub-groups meet separately and report back to members via email and our main six-weekly meeting.